Display Banner Advertising on Manchester Horse

Manchester Horse is visited by a regular monthly audience of visitors from the equestrian community in Greater Manchester and surrounding areas. Advertise your products or services to this targeted audience of local equestrians with a display banner advertisement linked to your website (or Facebook page, etc).

Benefit from frequent exposure to a targeted local audience of potential new customers and direct them to your website (or Facebook page).

Your advertisement will appear in random order (left or right on desktop, top or bottom on mobile) of every page of manchesterhorse.co.uk ensuring that is seen immediately by all users of the site, regardless of the entry page of their visit.




1 Month: £60

3 Months: £153 (15% discount)

6 Months: £288 (20% discount)

12 Months: £540 (25% discount)


  • Rates are subject to VAT.
  • Full payment is required in advance for all advertisements.
  • Positions are negotiable and subject to availability.
  • Banner images can be designed free of charge (after payment is received).
  • Banner images can be updated free of charge at any time.
  • Banner images can be scheduled in advance.
  • Multiple banner images can be displayed in the same space.

If you design your own banner images the specification is -

Height: 300 pixels
Width: 250 pixels
File Type: png, jpeg or gif (static)
File Size: 150kb max.


To book your campaign or for any enquiries about banner advertising, please contact:

David Taylor
Tel: 07896 094811
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.